Semifinals Piano Quintets

Master Piano Competition
I Teresa Carreno Intl Master Piano Competition

Semifinal Round (Phase 2) with String Quartet

The Teresa Carreno International Master Piano Competition Semifinals continues with 6 pianists from around the world performing a piano quintet with a world-class string quartet.

The Teresa Carreño International Master Piano Competition is the first one of its kind. Making music from Latin America and Spain half of the mandatory repertoire to play by the contestants. We aim to promote Ibero-American composers and Venezuelan pianist/composer Teresa Carreño who held control over romantic pianism for nearly 40 years in the 19th century. The Competition disseminates classical music worldwide, as well as launches and nurtures young artists' careers through the triennial Competition, ensuing international concert tours of its medalists.

Tue., May 9 at 10:00 AM
1040 Lincoln Rd. Miami Beach, FL 33139